Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Birthday Was in August...

...and here comes my October post from my August birthday.

So what did I do? Linda took me out to botanical garden in Golden Gate Park where they had a plant show on display called "Chomp". Guess what kind of plants they were. Any way we did our usual walk (Linda is fond of calling it a death march) from our place to our park destination. Along the way we came across this giant purple head we had for some reason never seen.

How could we have missed a 20' tall purple head all this time?


So as you may have guessed the plant show was a carnivorous plant show! The Venus fly traps say "CHOMP"!

The show was pretty small but really cool. It was one medium size room that was super warm and misty and filled with plants that would rather eat you than give you the time of day. This is a section of the center display which was really cool and had chomping plants all around it. I made sure not get to close.

I know these small fuzzy pitcher plants don't look it but they are killers!

Now lets try this again in 3D!!!!

Chomp-D! Chomp-D! Chomp-D!

Keep fingers and small children way from this picture!

So cute and cuddly looking! Don't cuddle! Don't!

Look at all the gaping mouths ready to bite!

One more just for flesh eating 3D plant fun! Chomp chomp chomp!

Thanks for taking me to see the flesh eating plants! I'm so glad we both made it out alive!

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