Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Beach Strandings

Yum! We think this looks like a Sun Fish. What do you think?

Sun Fish are cool and get huge, like 2 tons huge. This was a foot or two long and probably 5-10 lbs. Still don't know if it's a Sun Fish but I do know it's 3D!

Also today there seemed to be a mass stranding of tennis balls.

We saw 30+ tennis balls along the same stretch of beach that the jelly fish stranding was. You can see them off into the distance if you look close.

Dutch 3D Tennis Ball Stranding Shot!

Just in case that last one was to exciting here is a more standard 3d shot for you.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jellyfish Heaven... where jellyfish go to get away from Mormons and drunk Eskimo.

Jellyfish heaven is a lot like LA. Or maybe not. More like SF.

Wow there were a lot of Jellyfish washed up this Saturday afternoon.

And they were not small. Lots and lots of big jellyfish. Though this one was bigger than most which were more dinner plate size. I tried to talk Linda into taking a few home to make jellyfish salad with. She just laughed it off. When we were out on the beach today there was just big piles of jellyfish goo left where they had merged into one big glop. They also smelled kind of bad.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Last of the Abominable Snow Unicorns

Once thought only to exist at the end of the rare double Himalayan rainbow now captured on camera for the first time ever in Redwood "Climate Best by Government Test" City, CA USA.