Sunday, August 15, 2010

And here are the rest...

...of the things I saw while catching my shooting star.

Jupiter and its moons (nearest to furthest), Europa, Io, Ganymede and Callisto! I think you might have to click to get the larger image to really see the moons.

And my first semi-successful deep sky image. This is M8 also know as the Lagoon Nebula.

It's a little more blurry than I would like but you can see it!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I caught a falling star!

Finally! That took about two years of trying and two recent sleepless nights watching and shooting hundreds of pictures of the Perseid meteor showers.

This is the full shot with the Milky Way doing it thing. Click for a bigger version. This was not the best shooting star I saw over the last two days but it is for sure the only really clear one I captured. Now I'm itching to get out to see another meteor shower.

I also got some photos of a few nebula, some new shots of Jupiter and it's moons and a LOT of shots of the Milky Way. Needed some sleep so they will have to wait for another day.