Sunday, March 27, 2011

Found a pic of Saturn

I was looking around at some of the images I took over the Xmas-new years holiday and found this image of Saturn. It's pretty heavily processed but I figure it's one of the better images of Saturn I have right now. Though I hope to get a better one in the next week or few.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tsunami hardly found in SF

So for everyone that was wondering what it was like here at Ocean Beach, San Francisco during the 2011 Tsunami here is a little movie I made from video and photos from that morning. I am talking through the first few shots going on about how normal it all looks for O.B. and it really does look normal for around here. The regular swell which I say is 10-15 feet might have only been 8-12 feet but it was by no means huge for O.B. maybe on the medium creeping into the bigger side. It makes it really hard to see the Tsunami at all.

Well there you have it. Not to exciting. Here is a video that is slightly more exciting someone shot down in Half Moon Bay near Mavericks.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Riding Tall Ships

We went for a ride on a tall ship a few weeks back. Fun! I scaled these images a bit on the page and they look a bit blurry so click on them and see the nice big clean versions.

There were two, this is the Hawaiian Chieftain. We were on the Lady Washington. I think the Lady Washington was used in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It did look a lot like a pirate type ship.

It was pretty rainy and not to windy most of the trip. The rain and clouds were kind of fun.

Look at all the rigging. We got to help haul the sails up and do some other menial sailor jobs like coiling the rope and such.

You can find Linda enjoying her self in some of these though I don't think she enjoys me taking pictures of her.

I love all the rigging. They were climbing up in it to put it up and down and make some adjustments to it. I am very tempted to volunteer for a week or two to learn how to do it and to climb up in the rigging.

An even wider shot with sailors up on the masts and all that fun. You can find out more about these particular tall ships, how to book a ride or volunteer and all that here. This is the end of this really tall post just like the ships!