Sunday, May 18, 2008

Street Candy

So yummy and 3D!

Robot Building

So this is a no SF find but I had to share. We took a trip back east to visit family and friends where I saw this Robot trying to hide in or as a building in downtown Harrisburg,. Capital city of Pennsylvania USA! I tried to warn everyone but they didn't seem to care. People from PA are fearless and or crazy.

Look at those eyes just waiting for the fearless Harrisburgians to drop their guard.

Giant Robot hiding in a building in 3D!


That sand's not dirty...'s full of GOLD! For a long time we wondered what was the cause of all the black sand on our beach. The first thought is always pollution. SF is a decent sized city so it would not be surprising if it was some kind of industrial waste. But having spent lots of time in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where there is naturally occurring tar which make some of the sand black I was not convinced it was pollution. Only thing is they don't call people from SF or Ocean Beach "Tar heals" so I figure it isn't tar. So what is it? Apparently knowing that SF is all about the gold rush of '49 the sand went and got some gold in it! Yep all that black sand has gold in it. Though it turns out not very much which makes it mostly not worth the effort to extract it. But that didn't stop some guy in the 80s from trying to haul some off. To bad for him it's a state park and they weren't down with his plan. Any way it's nice knowing all that black sand we drag in our apartment has a little gold in it -:]

We have some fun cars in our hood -:]

I wonder if you can get that at the Honda dealer? I sure hope so!

Such a nice conversion. It looks like it's made of wood. If so that guy or his dog has crazy skillz. But who cares if it's wood or not that ride is sweet!