Saturday, October 13, 2007

I've been into 3D a long time

And here is a photo from sort of my early days.

I was scanning in a bunch of old photos last weekend when I came across some old 3D Polaroids I had taken. I think they are from around 1985 give or take a few years.

I used to use my parents' Polaroid and film and just walk around taking 3d pictures. I think I used up a lot of their film which was probably not cheap. Good thing they came out with digital cameras or I would be broke. Oh, the picture is of the patio of the house we lived in at the time. Pretty boring except that it's a 3d photo I took 20ish years ago -:]

I guess bikes can't read

The crazy bikes in SF apparently can't read or have a blatant disregard for the law.

Or maybe they were just protesting? This one seems to have come to the wrong protest -;]

Actually there was a huge free music festival in the park called Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and a huge section of the park was closed to cars and bikes. There were crazy numbers of people there. So crazy we ended up leaving because you had to sit so far away from any of the stages or deal with wall to wall people to get up close. We did get there early and catch just about the only Bluegrass act. They were pretty fun. I liked the bike impound area the best though.

Fozzie Bear Looking Deflated

This guy has been greeting us on our weekly walk to our favorite little cafe. I think he's been hanging out for about two months now. I think he looks a lot like Fozzie Bear after he pooped out all his stuffing.

And of course in 3D!

As deflated as he might be, he always seems to have a smile for us -:]

Mangy Goose?

So this one is from my birthday as well but it deserves a post of it's own. During my birthday walk in the park with Linda we stopped for a break at a little pond were we saw this fellow.

Linda sort of knows all kinds of birds from a previous life in which she was an avid bird watcher or something like that. Any way she had no idea what this was. It was hanging out with a bunch of geese but other than the size didn't really look like any of the other geese. So what is it? We are thinking maybe it's just a goose with the mange. Linda tried to look it up on line with no luck.

Anyone know what kind of bird this is or is it just a mangy goose?

My Birthday Was in August...

...and here comes my October post from my August birthday.

So what did I do? Linda took me out to botanical garden in Golden Gate Park where they had a plant show on display called "Chomp". Guess what kind of plants they were. Any way we did our usual walk (Linda is fond of calling it a death march) from our place to our park destination. Along the way we came across this giant purple head we had for some reason never seen.

How could we have missed a 20' tall purple head all this time?


So as you may have guessed the plant show was a carnivorous plant show! The Venus fly traps say "CHOMP"!

The show was pretty small but really cool. It was one medium size room that was super warm and misty and filled with plants that would rather eat you than give you the time of day. This is a section of the center display which was really cool and had chomping plants all around it. I made sure not get to close.

I know these small fuzzy pitcher plants don't look it but they are killers!

Now lets try this again in 3D!!!!

Chomp-D! Chomp-D! Chomp-D!

Keep fingers and small children way from this picture!

So cute and cuddly looking! Don't cuddle! Don't!

Look at all the gaping mouths ready to bite!

One more just for flesh eating 3D plant fun! Chomp chomp chomp!

Thanks for taking me to see the flesh eating plants! I'm so glad we both made it out alive!