Sunday, May 07, 2006


What's with the dead stuff around here this spring? And
why would someone poo on this ray? Well I supose it was
probably a dog but I have seen a lot of crazies wandering
around Ocean Beach and I wouldn't put it past them. Maybe
someone just wanted to make sure no one took their ray?

Two Brothers

Or sisters or a brother and sister. Both pretty dead.

Kind of sad, sort of cute and still very dead.

More Toys

Yummy bouncy red ball thingy. We passed this on a walk
and it was gone on our way back. Maybe they saw the way
I looked at it with lust in my bouncy eyes -:\

Bananas behind bars

Bananas just the way the Reverend likes to see them.

Child hood toys

If I didn't already have too much junk and
Linda who likes to point out that I have too
much junk this would be sitting in the living
room right now. I have no idea how the next
door neighbors could bring themselves to part
with it.

Two Friends

Another Linda find. She likes boxes. I like boxes she likes.

Take time to smell the flowers.

Or maybe flower the smell as someone did here.

China Town is Kat Krazzy

That's a lot of Kat with a "K". I wonder how many rabbits
it takes to make a Kat? They still look cuddly in a creepy
kind of way sort of.

Little Banana Lovin' Monkey

There are more primates in SF than you can shake a stick
at. This guy seemed pretty happy eating his banana.

Crazy SF drivers

This is why I like to ride the Muni when ever posible.

Nothing can get me down

Cleared for landing

I think this is the best action shot I have ever taken.

Meat hanging out on the corner


Clapping Chimp

Linda found this. I took the picture. We both like it.

Rusty Nut

Found this rusty nut wandering around SF. I liked it a lot.
I left it on a mailbox in the sun for someone else to find.

Ducktape Balls

How I love to see Ducktape roaming SF!