Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's been cloudy and windy..

...and hard to take pictures of things in space from here.

But I did get a slightly better image of Saturn the other day.


Marshall said...

Sweet. I've been a huge physics/astronomy kick the past few weeks. I love the space pics, keep them coming!

Gale said...

I'm impressed! Did you take this from your place, or did you have to get out of town for such a clear shot?

jimmy said...

I shot it from at work. It is right by the bay (I was 5 feet from the water) so it is a little darker to the east and usually less hazy than at home. But the Saturn picture in the other post was taken from our kitchen or our roof (can't remember) on a clear night. We do have dark skys to the west since there are no cities in the ocean -:]

At some point I'm sure we'll take a road trip and try and take some pictures from some dark areas. Maybe the Grand Canyon or someplace in AZ this winter?

snap! said...

xmas or new year's at mom's!! who's in??

jimmy said...

I think I might be down for an AZ trip this holiday. Me and Linda still need to check out Death Vally on our way at some point.

I do love New Years at the rim. Anyone interested in that again?