Sunday, July 01, 2007

Do you smell something?

So the other day I had band practice after work but had go back to work for a few minutes to check on some things before going home. It was about 9pm when I got to work. The parking lot was mostly empty and the sun was just setting. I parked right at the front doors and jumped out of my car to go into work but there was a little surprise, make that 4 little surprises waiting for me! As I turned from my car to the entrance I stopped dead in my tracks because about 20 feet away and right between me and the doors were 4 little skunks! My first reaction was to get right back into my car. I thought about it for a second and realized how freaking cute the 4 baby skunks were and that I had my camera with me so against my better judgement I grabbed my camera got back out of the car and slowly approached the skunks. I also noticed the mother skunk about 10 feet from the babies but farther away from me and in the bushes. I don't think she noticed me or if she did she knew I was not a threat because I must have been giving off the "Shit I'm scared I'm going to get sprayed by a bunch of skunks" smell. Any way I got a couple of not so great photos then they ducked back in to their hole which was all of about 10 or 15 feet from the front door of PDI/DreamWorks. They were so cute and I don't think the pictures do them any justice.

This one is looking right at their hole which is right in the corner of the sidewalk where the white leg is. Every time I made a little noise the little ones would rush back to the hole for a little bit.

Look at that cute little head!

Mom was back in the bushes, I think you might be able to just see her right above little guy in front there.

And this is the front entrance at 9pm. The skunks live right under the red cone on the right. I was told they were going to try and remove them. I actually saw them on 3 different nights but I checked a few more times and there was no sign of them. Maybe Mom heard they were going to be kicked out and decided to leave on her own terms. I hope they found a nice new home.

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