Monday, October 27, 2014

Found a Pinwheel and a Horsehead

Went camping at Pinnicals National Park and was finally able to get my new little telescope out under pretty dark skies. Mixed luck but super fun!
First time imaging the Triangulum Galaxy (aka m33). Only about 7min of exposure but still got something. Need to get a couple of hours of this one at some point.

Finally managed to get an okay image of the Horsehead Nebula! I think I've been trying to image this for a few years now and finally got something okay. The new scope is a lot smaller than my other one and is a fair amount faster (3"@F6.6 vs 8"@F10) with a wider view. Also you can see the Flame Nebula (aka NGC 2024).

And how could I resist giving trying out the Orion Nebula (aka m42)? I couldn't. Much wider view without the need for a reducer which let me fit the Running Man Nebula (aka NGC 1977) in as well.

Now to practice my alignment with the new mount which took me the better part of an hour or more to setup this time. I want to spend more time imaging and less time fiddling with the telescope to to get it up and running next time. I might have had better images, more images or time to take some pictures of the meteor shower if I had been able to get up and running faster. Next time but so far so good!

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