Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Venus Transit

Managed to get a little telescope with a filter just in time to watch and image the last Venus transit of the sun for the next 105 years. I think this is also the first time I've looked at the sun through a telescope. Still have some images to sort through and try to process but here are a few to get things started.

There is Venus about mid way through the transit. Look at all the sun spots! I'm not really sure which way is up and left to right because my camera ended up mounted at an odd angle and I think the telescope flips the image one way or another.

Started viewing and imaging at work then clouds started to come in. So I drove home hoping to catch the sunset over the ocean. I made it and here's one of the first sunset images.

Is that the sun or Jupiter? It looked pretty cool in the clouds.

A bit wider version.

Almost had a few ships get into the transit pics. I think you might just be able to see Venus in this image. It was so close but the ships managed to slip by before the sun could catch them.

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very cool!