Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturn at Opposition

Saturn at Opposition on April 4th which is when planets line up in this case Sun-Earth-Saturn. This Puts Saturn closest to Earth and high in the night sky and very bright because we are looking directly at Saturn's full day lit side. Though because of our orbits we are almost always looking at it's day light side. It was also the brightest it has been in 3 years because it was in opposition and it's rings are showing more and reflecting more light at us. This is by far the best picture of Saturn I have taken yet.


Jee said...

I was wondering what kind of zoom you used on that picture

jimmy said...

I used a Celestron Edge HD 8" telescope. It has just over a 2000mm focal length and I think I was using either an 8mm or 4mm eyepiece for eyepiece projection.