Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pumpkin Stuff

We haven't carved pumpkins in a long time, maybe 6+ years. We went a little pumpkin crazy this year.

In addition to carving pumpkins we did some fun pumpkin cooking. Don't they look good?

Taking the top off to reveal the delicious pumpkin innards.


Linda digging in to her pumpkin. We made WAY to much. One small pumpkin would have been enough for both of us. We have leftovers for days.

Here are all of our pumpkins, 3 carved, two to be eaten and one yet to be carved.

Here is the super cute one Linda carved while we waited for our pumpkins to cook. Who likes cats?

Pistol decided she didn't want to be a ghost or skelliton. She wanted to be the headless cat -:]

Inky just sticking with the black cat look.


snap! said...

what was the stuffing in the pumpkins you cooked?
that is a good vegetarian idea for thanksgiving time, too. did that once when we lived in abq.
also good to mash up and make soup. mmmm.
we only carved one little jack o'lantern. did you go pumpkin patching?

Shaun said...

nice pumpkins! what's in the pumpkins? looks yummy. leftovers are always better than not enough :o)

jimmy said...

Pumpkins were filled with cream of mushroom soup, a bunch of sauteed veggies, three kinds of cheeses and bread. We heard about it on the radio. They didn't give specifics so we just winged it.

No pumpkin patching just got the pumpkins we just walked up to our neighborhood grocery store and got them. They had a good selection of carving and eating pumpkins.

snap! said...

ok, obviously you got our attention with the food pics. that's how we roll.
but i have to show you all this recipe, cause i'm making it right now (to heat up later, cause i have class tonight) and it tastes super yummy - thought you all would dig it! pumpkin food is awesome.

Shaun said...

yea suzy's right, anything to do with food is going to get our attention...Maidens + Food = Synergy