Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boring Cats

Now that we have two kittens I don't think I will be able to prevent self indulgent boring cat posts. Here are two kitten teeth in 3D that Linda found on the floor.

Pistol showing off her new teeth.

Inky doing what he does best, chillin'.


snap! said...

What the!? I was scrolling down the page with my 3d glasses on when I came to this post and well, I just had to say... we need some 3D cats!

jimmy said...
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jimmy said...

There were 3D cat teeth but don't worry, there will be more 3d cats -:]

I say more because my first kitten post did have a 3d pic of them -:[]

I just really liked the picture of Pistol with her mouth open. She talks a lot which is pretty fun. It's also hard to get good close up 3d pictures of them because I can't get my cameras any closer together and the images have to much seperation when I get that close -:\