Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Sunset

Another beautiful sunset here in the Sunset district of San Francisco. Once again I found I needed to climb up on the roof and take a panoramic photo. When we first moved to the Sunset everyone kept telling us they didn't know why it was called the Sunset because we would never get to see the sunset due to the year round fog. Boy were they wrong. We get these all the time. Sure it's foggy pretty often around here but not even close to every day and the fog is really cool too. You can always tell there is a cool sunset from the living room or kitchen which look east across the Sunset District because all the houses start turning crazy reds and oranges and purples. And when the city is going off you know the beach has got to look 2x as cool. It usually sends us running for the back windows and occasionally puts me on the roof or us on the beach with a bottle of wine to warm our souls. It's nice living by the ocean here in SF.

P.S. Don't for get to click on the image to see it full size. It's worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Can I come live with you guys?