Sunday, May 07, 2006


What's with the dead stuff around here this spring? And
why would someone poo on this ray? Well I supose it was
probably a dog but I have seen a lot of crazies wandering
around Ocean Beach and I wouldn't put it past them. Maybe
someone just wanted to make sure no one took their ray?


Shaun said...

i feel bad for the ray but what dog wants to poo on a dead animal? double yuck, keeps your dog on a short leash!!

snap! said...

all right, i'm kinda mad you didn't send me anything about yer blog and todd had to tell me...jeez. sheesh.

anyways. i would never let my dog poo on a ray. she would never do that cause she's not that kind of dog. it was probably you that pooed on the ray so you could take a photo of it.

Sasha said...

Hi Jimmy!

I didn't know you had a blog. How excellent!

Your pictures are mighty-fine. (Although I must admit that the poo-ray is kind of disturbing.) Keep posting!


Roni said...

Yo Jimmy!! It's been a long time!

I love the poo-ray! Great find.

Gale said...

My vote is to call this Stink-Ray.
Stinkray... get it?